Venue Entertainment, Trios, Duos

The Coverband
Live music to bring the punters back every week! Looking for a live band to kick off a regular night at your venue? Over the standard 4 piece band with backing tracks setup and keen on something a little different? Let Laneways sort you out a great band and help you design a night that works. With options like; guest instrument sets every week, genre selection and punter request setups, we want to build the night that keeps the locals coming back and brings new punters thorough the door. Your choice of our male AND/OR female vocals and ALL LIVE instrumentation allows your vision to come to life. Sure we can play the set everyone plays but we can also cater to more diverse crowds, tastes and genres as well keeping it fresh. A lot of venues changes bands every week on a monthly rotation but with Laneways you can rotate our vocalists, ensuring the quality is there every week with a fresh singer to lead the band with their own sets and styles. Want a Live R&B night, then a ROCK night, followed by POP? We can sort that. There has never been a setup like this on offer in Melbourne before so contact now to discuss how we can build a night with you!

Jazz and indie Acoustic.
Live music that compliments the venue and event and ensures that the atmosphere you are looking to create is perfectly catered for. We collaborate with you on the band size, volume and set times of the music so it matches your expectations and is tailored to your specifications. From our Jazz trios to our acoustic setups, we provide background tunes while your guests chat and mingle and can take it up a notch later in the event if you want to provide a more upbeat vibe. Our sets snd singers are customisable to suit your taste and whether you’re looking for some chilled jazz or acoustic tunes behind a dinner function or looking for some live music for a Sunday session, Laneways has the perfect lineup to match.

String Quartet
Nothing says elegance like a String Quartet. Our Live String Quartet is the perfect backing for an elegant dinner, the perfect wedding ceremony or a corporate function that needs that something special to make it memorable. We can read the room and play as we see what people enjoy or you can tailor the sets and music for your crowd. The Laneways quartet play arrangements of many contemporary pieces and have an extensive repertoire of classical music to choose from.


Step up the energy and get your venue jumping with our party band now!